Leadership Coaching by a Seasoned Leadership Professional

As a lifelong leader myself, I bring decades of firsthand experience to my role as a leadership coach. My coaching does not rest on academic theory, but on wisdom gleaned from an extensive career in high-demand leadership position.

Mike's 35 years in the Navy gave him many leadership skills he still uses in coaching.

I specialize in leadership coaching for people who are currently, or soon will be, in roles requiring them to make strategic-level decisions. But I work with leaders at any stage of their career.

I help leadership coaching clients

  • distinguish between the leadership and management functions of their position
  • maintain balance between the people side and the process side of their responsibilities
  • articulate their own personal philosophy of leadership and the defining values behind that leadership
  • build trust in their leadership and within their organization
  • excel at strategic thinking, with a clear sense of the difference between strategies and tactics
  • and develop a self-development plan for strengthening those traits most essential for leadership success

Those who seek me out for leadership coaching typically come from two groups. First are men and women currently in upper tiers of their business or company. Others are high-potential managers being prepared for senior leadership posts.

And because of my broad experience in faith-based and non-profit institutions, I also enjoy coaching leaders and aspiring leaders in non-profits and churches.